The Foundation

Created in 2008, at the joint initiative of Crédit Agricole’s Directors and Professor Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank and 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, the Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation is a cross-business actor committed to promoting a better-shared economy.

Investor, funder, technical assistance provider and fund advisor, the Foundation has more than 80 partners (microfinances institutions and social business) and operates in around 40 countries with nearly 100 million euros in commitments. The Foundation focuses on microfinance institutions that serve women and rural people. These institutions support approximately 4 million clients.


Our mission is to fund and support microfinance institutions, businesses and projects that promote inclusive finance and the development of rural economies around the world.

Principles of action

The Foundation and the Social Development Goals

The Foundation has from the outset been committed to women, community-based - in particular rural - economies, and a responsible approach to finance. Its mission refers to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework defined by the United Nations. They are intended to build a more sustainable world by 2030. The Foundation makes a concrete contribution to the achievement of 8 of the 17 SDGs.

The fight against poverty: 100% of the Foundation’s financing is earmarked for partners who contribute to the fight against poverty: 40% of the Foundation’s outstanding loans are granted to the least developed countries.
Zero hunger: the Foundation contributes to food security by investing in local agricultural businesses, namely in the production of milk, rice, fresh fruits and vegetables.
Gender equality: 74% of the beneficiaries of the microfinance institutions financed by the Foundation are women.
Affordable and clean energy: the Foundation invests in social businesses that favour access to clean sources of energy and develops innovative partnerships with Crédit Agricole CIB.
Decent work and economic growth: the Foundation supports the creation and the development of income-generating activities by financing microfinance institutions and investing in social businesses.
Responsible consumption and production: the Foundation promotes sustainable methods of production and consumption by investing in companies oriented towards organic farming and other responsible practices.
Climate action: with 77% of its final clients living in rural areas, the Foundation contributes to reinforce resilience of rural economies and thus helps them face climate change.
Partnerships for meeting the goals: the Foundation develops cooperation ties with Crédit Agricole group entities and Regional Banks as well as with actors from the private, public and solidarity-based sectors.