The Foundation

Created in 2008, at the joint initiative of Crédit Agricole’s Directors and Professor Yunus, founder of the Grameen Trust and 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, the Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation is a cross-business actor committed to promoting a better-shared economy.


Investor, funder, technical assistance coordinator and fund advisor, the Foundation has more than 70 partners (microfinances institutions and social business) and operates in more than 30 countries with 65 million euros in commitments. Women and rural populations represent respectively 72% and 77% of the 3 million customers served by the institutions funded by the Foundation.

Social Performance

Social performance refers to the results of an organisation in areas that do not directly relate to its economic activity and more specifically, in the case of MFIs or so-called Social Businesses, the actual achievement of its social mission.

The Social Performance Task Force (SPTF), chaired since January 2016 by Jürgen Hammer, Head of the Risk and Social Performance Unit at the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation, defines social performance as the “effective implementation of the social mission of an institution in accordance with recognised social values”.

Social performance considers the entire process and the impact of efforts towards financial inclusion. It includes analysing the declared objectives of the institutions, the effectiveness of their systems and services, the corresponding results (e.g. capacity to reach a large number of very poor households) and the positive results actually achieved in clients' everyday lives.

Seeking a social impact while achieving a fair financial performance paves the way for the development of responsible inclusive finance. Since its inception, the Foundation has adopted this ethical approach. This is why we implement a dual financial and social analysis of our partners (microfinance institutions and Social Business companies) during the analysis of our funding proposals and regularly monitor their performance, both social and financial.