Our offer

The Foundation offers a number of services to fulfil its mission of fighting poverty and exclusion:

Senior loans in local or hard currencies

Equity or quasi equity

Offer of medium and long-term loans in local currencies, in EUR or in USD, adapted to the partners’ needs in order to mitigate or reduce their exposure to foreign exchange risk. Acquisition of minority shareholdings in so-called social business companies in order to support and promote their business development. The Foundation is generally involved in the seed or early stages of the companies' development, alongside industrial and / or operational partners.


Technical Assistance

Offer of partial guarantees enabling partners to obtain medium and long-term financing with local banks, thus avoiding foreign exchange risks. Capacity building of partners located within priority areas through appropriate technical assistance services, often in close partnership with puplic funders.


The Foundation offers financing adapted to local microfinance institutions (MFIs) that are in line with the principles of responsible finance, rigorous management and governance, and strong social commitment.

There are several thousand of MFIs worldwide, of all sizes and with different legal structures. The Foundation provides financial and technical assistance to MFIs that