Our Offer

The Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation offers financial and technical assistance solutions designed to support the long-term development of MFIs. In order to identify and select eligible institutions, it follows a rigorous process of identification and analysis and then provides financing within the framework of the authority given by the Board of Directors. Its financing decisions are based on a dual financial and social analysis of the institutions concerned.

An adaptable service offer

Loans designed to strengthen MFIs financial autonomy Complementary products that meet the specific needs of MFIs Products adapted to the specific characteristics of MFIs Technical assistance services that meet the specific needs of MFIs

The Foundation favours financing in local currencies

The Foundation also has the capacity to support the development of MFIs by offering guarantee services (partial guarantee for local banks), equity or quasi-equity Debt investments and guarantees  have a maturity of up to five years. The Foundation thus allow institutions to have the necessary time to constitute own funds that will enable them to achieve sustainable development

The Foundation has the capacity to finance technical assistance missions to strengthen the operational capacity of MFIs. Currently, this offer is addressed to institutions located in sub-Saharan Africa and attached to the African Facility implemented in partnership with the AFD