Our governance

The Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation is administered by a Board composed of 12 members, elected for a three-year period. Chaired by Jean-Marie Sander, its members include five representatives of Crédit Agricole Group (in addition to the President, Christian Talgorn, Raphaël Appert, Paul de Leusse and Bernard Lepot), three representatives of Grameen Trust (Professeur Yunus, Professeur Latifee and Mohammad Shahjahan) and four qualified representatives (H.R.H  Maria Teresa Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, Soukeyna Ndiaye Bâ, Beatriz Armendariz and Jean-Michel Severino).

Moreover, the Board of Directors has two specialised committees:


The Board of Directors

Jean-Marie SANDER
Christian TALGORN
Raphaël APPERT
Paul de LEUSSE
Bernard LEPOT
Professor M. YUNUS
Professor LATIFEE
H.R.H. Maria Teresa, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
Soukeyna NDIAYE BA
Jean-Michel SEVERINO