Ongoing missions

KMF - Kazakhstan

Palmis Enèji - Haiti

KMF requested GCAF’s assistance to structure and diversify its existing agricultural loans portfolio and receive advisory for the development of non-financial services. The objective of the Solidarity Banker is to Identify how to diversify the portfolio, provide risk mitigation tools and identify potential non-financial services to develop.
After doubling its turnover while reducing its operating expenses, Palmis focused on the regularisation of doubtful debts and the reduction of credit sales. The company is now ready to scale and seeks to structure a business plan and raise funds to finance its growth. The objective of the Solidarity Bank is to help Palmis achieve these goals.

Al Karama - Morocco

Kossam - Sénégal

Al Karama has satisfactory LCB-FT procedures, but Crédit du Maroc and the Foundation want the MFI to improve its scheme as part of their partnership. The objective of the Solidarity Banker is to evaluate Al Karama, adapt training modules, provide "pilot" training and finalise the LCB-FT action plan. The mission will take place in  June.
One of Kossam's strategic focuses is to develop technological applications to manage and optimise its operations. The objective of the Solidarity Bank is to support Kossam in deploying a "commcare collection" application and to anticipate future developments in order for the company to improve its actions. 
Humo - Tajikistan

SFA - Senegal

In order to manage growth, maintain competitiveness and prepare for future transformations, Humo needs technical assistance in optimising the business model and organisational structure.
One of SFA's priorities is to develop technological applications to manage and optimize its operations. To do so, the company wishes to develop an application for its local teams.
ACRE - Kenya  
ACRE has recently changed its business model and has also been undertaking a cost-cutting plan, rationalizing  HR and sales pipeline, closing offices or reducing activities in other country.