The Foundation integrates up-to-date standards in the field of social performance and customer protection

The Foundation integrates SPI4 ALINUS 2.0 standards into its due diligence process

In August of this year, the Social Performance Task Force launched the 2.0 version of the Universal Social Performance Management Standards, which is the result of a one-year updating and improving process involving a large number of practitioners, experts from the sector and followed by a public comment period. This process was aligned with the SMART Campaign's simultaneous review of Client Protection Standards. Since then, CERISE has updated the SPI4 social audit tool to incorporate clarification and improvement feedback from users. Finally, in October, the Social Performance Due Diligence Tool, SPI4 ALINUS *, closed this round of standards and application tools reviews.

With this process, the inclusive finance sector now has a harmonised and standardised framework for assessing social performance, allowing clear and consistent monitoring of performance and improvements.

The Foundation has been working since late 2015 with the ALINUS tool, which has been systematically used since then in the financial and social due diligence of our partners. During this year, 25 of our partners were monitored using this tool, making it possible for the first time to evaluate the performance of our portfolio according to the 7 dimensions of Social and Environmental Performance of SPI4 and to measure the performance on consistent and representative benchmarks.

* ALigning Investors due diligence to the Universal Standards