Positive assessment of the technical assistance scheme to support rural microfinance in Africa

The 3rd Forum of the African Facility Partners, implemented by the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation, in partnership with the French Development Agency, for African microfinance institutions, was held this year within the framework of the African Microfinance Week (SAM) held in Addis Ababa.

This Forum is an opportunity for the Foundation to conduct, once a year, with its partners, an assessment of the scheme that has been in place for four years now and which has enable to fund 16 African microfinance institutions and support them through over 90 technical assistance missions.

For 92% of participants, these meetings are very satisfying, as regards the format and the topics discussed, as well as the networking opportunities the Microfinance Week represents for all the institutions.

In addition, participation at the SAM Conference allows partners to attend workshops alongside many other industry stakeholders, workshops in which are discussed current topics for many of them such as green microfinance or microinsurance, two products that many institutions wish to offer to their customers. Indeed, many of these institutions consider that they need to innovate and diversify their offer in order to survive.