Palmis Enèji S.A. receives the Gold Standard certification

Palmis Enèji, a Haitian social company of which the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation is a shareholder, develops energy equipment with a strong social, economic and environmental impact: improved solar kits and cooking stoves. The company seeks access to clean, modern, economical and reliable energy for the most deprived populations. It markets a range of lighting and cooking products that meet the highest quality standards in the sector.

The company was honoured with the Gold Standard certification for its selection of LPG cooker hobs that produce much less CO2 than charcoal cooktops. This certification now enables Palmis Enèji to open up to a promising new market by reselling "carbon credits" to other companies that would like to offset their CO2 emissions and thus reduce their environmental footprint.

About Gold Standard

Founded in 2003 by WWF, Gold Standard is a reference certification body for energy projects developed within the framework of the UN Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). This certification ensures that projects offer real emission reductions and long-term sustainable development. Today, over 1,100 projects are being certified in 70 countries.

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