Laiterie du Berger implements the KOSAM project

Laiterie du Berger develops milk collection and dairy farming in northern Senegal

Kosam, which means "milk" in pulaar, is a project for the development of milk collection and dairy farming in northern Senegal, notably carried out by Laiterie du Berger, of which the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation has been a shareholder since 2010.

This project, which started in 2016 for a three-year period, is supported by SOS Sahel, an international NGO whose mission is to improve the food and nutritional security of populations in Africa. The vulnerability of traditional farming systems limits the development of a competitive sector. For breeders, the sale of milk is an additional source of income, but the income generated by this business remain too low. Laiterie du Berger, on the other hand, observes a significant growth in its dairy needs which are far from being covered by its network of current suppliers, unproductive and sensitive to external hazards.

The Kosam project is thus organised around four focal points:


The project made it possible to start the restructuring of the milk collection system in order to reduce milk transportation costs, by replacing, in particular, pick-up vehicles with two-wheelers, easier to make profitable and adapted to the production capacity of breeders. LDB has thus reorganised the milk collection routes according to the collection capacities of these new vehicles. Collectors are now franchised agents and not LDB employees, which reduces costs and will allow LDB to consider opening new collection centers to reach more breeders.

The Kosam project has also launched an innovative approach with a pilot dairy farm whose objective is to set up a dairy farming model that is efficient and adapted to the environmental and economic conditions of Northern Senegal. By the end of 2016, the technical-economic model should be designed to produce a significant volume of milk at a competitive price.

For Ousmane Sy, milk collector, this project offers important benefits because "before, people were forced to walk for miles to be able to sell their milk. Today, they just need to hear the motorcycle of the collectors to go and offer their milk for sale."

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