Juhudi Kilimo among the 8 best companies for the world according to B Lab

The Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation is one of those funding Juhudi Kilimo, a Kenyan microfinance institution. Juhudi Kilimo focuses on rural smallholder farmers by offering banking resources to populations with very limited access to the financial sector. It promotes the creation of autonomous rural communities.

Every year, B Lab publishes its list of best companies for the world based on the "B Impact Assessment", a sustainability management tool that analyses the impact a company has on the environment, the employees and the community. The "B" certification covers the company's social, environmental and societal performance as well as its commitment to transparency and accountability. This status allows the company to cast in stone its extra-financial objectives that are no longer conditioned to the goodwill of its shareholders. These "B-Corp" companies are therefore recognised as acting in such a way as to serve the general interest instead of acting exclusively in the interest of achieving profits for their employees and shareholders.

This year, over 500 companies were eligible for the Best for the World award. Among them, Juhudi Kilimo, partner of the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation in Kenya, is one of the first eight. This is the first B Corporation in Africa.

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