Excellent social performance of the Foundation’s partners

During the Board meeting held on 11 March, Directors were presented with the report on the Foundation’s social performance as of end 2016. This evaluation is based on the universal standards defined by the SPTF of which Jürgen Hammer, Chief Risk Officer and Head of Social Performance Management of the Foundation has been the Chairman since January 2016.
The Foundation’s social performance analysis conducted by CERISE* highlights the good results of the Foundation’s partners. Overall, it appears that all Foundation's microfinance partners are above the benchmark for all six dimensions analysed. The Foundation’s partners score for the six dimensions is 63% compared to 57% for the benchmark.

Concerning dimension 2 (Commitment of the Board of Directors, Management and staff to social objectives), the results of the CERISE analysis are well above the benchmark (+11 points). Regarding dimension 4 (treat clients responsibly), the partners of the Foundation outperformed by 12 points.

The strong results of the Foundation’s partners show our strong commitment in the field of social performance and the rigorous work of the teams in the selection and monitoring of partners funded since 2008.

A comprehensive report on the Foundation and its partners Social Performance will soon be available.


* CERISE is a Paris based support service provider that promotes ethical and responsible finance, contributing to the social and economic development of populations.