ADA releases a guide to ensure business continuity of MFIs during the crisis

The unprecedented context we are all dealing with is forcing us to modify the way we live and work.?Nevertheless, ADA's mission as an NGO keeps unchanged: inclusion for all so that nobody is left behind.

This mission is now even more meaningful as it is becoming imperative to look after each other, to keep in contact, to act together in support of the people bearing the full brunt of this crisis that is not just medical, but also economic.

ADA has drawn on its knowledge and its expertise in risk management to develop guidelines of good practices for the continuity of microfinance institutions. This guidance note is available in French, English and Spanish, and it offers MFIs recommendations on how to organize crisis management to ensure business continuity.

This document is downloadable from ADA's website, in a space exclusively dedicated to the management of the Covid-19 crisis. There you can find articles from partners, guidelines, testimonials and videos because this is a place especially meant for exchanging and sharing experiences among the industry's practitioners.

To access the document, please click here.