The Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation and Amundi implement their partnership for Inclusive Finance

Amundi recently set up a €7 million financing programme benefitting the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation through the "Finance et Solidarité" fund. Created in 2012, this fund's objective is to finance the development of social and community-based businesses meeting critical social needs, while seeking positive financial performance. Finance et Solidarité has been approved by Entreprise Solidaire and benefits from the Finansol label.

The Foundation works with a network of over 60 microfinance institutions in some thirty countries. It is through this network that the Foundation contributes to social inclusion through the financing of income-generating activities. Amundi is thus working alongside the Foundation to support its commitment to develop a more equitable economy and more inclusive growth.

As well as for its entire portfolio of partners, the Foundation will monitor the funded institutions’ financial and social performance, according to international standards, which will allow investors of "Finance et Solidarité" to follow the efficiency and the impact of funds invested.