Promoting Responsible Investment in the Inclusive Finance Sector: the SPTF Working Group met in Zurich last March

On March 15 and 16, the SPTF investor and asset owner group, co-led by Jürgen Hammer from the GCA Foundation, Christophe Bochatay from Triple Jump and Margot  Quaegebeur from Wire-group, met in Zurich, on invitation of the Swiss Development Cooperation and the University of Zurich.

72 investors participated in the event, of which 23% participated in the group discussion for the first time : the meeting therefore not only provided a great platform for exchange with working group members but also opened the discussions to new audiences.

At the meeting, investors discussed progress and challenges in the implementation of various initiatives in responsible inclusive finance as well as key discussions shaping the sector. CERISE provided an update on the roll-out and implementation of SPI4 accross the sector, following by a testimony of the ALINUS benchmarking analysis realised by the GCA Foundation on its microfinance portfolio in 2016. The panel on increasing alignment between asset owners and asset managers was one of the highest ranked sessions by meeting participants, providing highly valuable insight into the needs of asset owners, pension funds, family offices or HNWinvestors to monitor the impact of their mission-related investment portfolio. This very important discussion was also identified as a key topic going forward for group members to engage in.

The investor meeting was followed by the Swiss Savings and Credit Forum, where the applicability of the Universal Standards was highlighted beyond microfinance to the financial industry in general, and the financial industry both in the South and in the North.

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