Launch of the Responsible Capitalism Institute

To ensure that the concerns of companies respond to those of civil society, a new structure for discussion has just been launched. The Institute of Responsible Capitalism, composed of several think tanks, is designed to be an applied research centre to promote a more global and "integrated" approach of the company with its leaders and investors. Its purpose is to stimulate the senses of the Company to create a new pact with the civil society through a mutually virtuous relationship.

As this year the Davos Forum placed "Responsible Business" at the core of the debates, several French top bosses launched the Institute of Responsible Capitalism on 26 January.

Launched by Caroline de la Marnièrre, the institute represents a platform for reflection, exchange and action. For the founder, it is about "delineating a capitalism of reciprocity" based on sustainability and responsibility.

Several top bosses will hold seats at the board of director’s table: Jean-Louis Chaussade (CEO of Suez), Clara Gaymard (co-founder of Raise and president of the Women's Forum), Michel Landel (CEO of Sodexo), Frédéric Mazzella (founding chairman of BlaBlaCar) or Gilles Schnepp (CEO of Legrand).

A committee of experts will bring together scientists, trade unions, NGOs and media representatives.

The specific objectives of this new institute have yet to be set.


Source: Novethic