Digitizing savings collection at CAURIE-MF in Senegal

Collection agents are preparing for a village savings and loan association (VSLA) meeting at an office of the Coopérative Autonome pour le Renforcement des Initiatives Économiques par la Microfinance (CAURIE-MF – Independent Credit Union for the Reinforcement of Economic Initiatives by Microfinance). A typical VSLA meeting gathers 30 to 100 women who are self-selected from community-based organizations. The women benefit from micro-credit and savings products that incorporate participatory management and joint guarantees and that work through solidarity groups. [...]

The United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) programme Mobile Money for the Poor (MM4P) is supporting CAURIE-MF in its digital finance project by purchasing 40 tablets with an appropriate mobile app and by providing technical support for their implementation. Life is simpler for the collection agents in the field, and the VSLAs are forging a new path. In the village of Beyti Rip, about 15 kilometres from Louga, MM4P staff witnessed first-hand the impact of using tablets on the agents’ work. [...]

The project is in the pilot phase until September 2017, to allow time for adaptation of the application to the agents’ needs. The challenge, going forward, is switching to digital only and concretely measuring the effectiveness of the tablets. In the meantime, agents who are keen to consign paper to the history books have resigned themselves to waiting a little longer for their turn on the tablets. [...]

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Published on 16 June by MM4P