CAE and GCA Foundation participate jointly at the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) Global Policy Forum

Pierre Finas, Crédit Agricole Egypt’s new Managing Director and Jürgen Hammer from Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation participated at the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) Global Policy Forum in Egypt on Sept 14th and 15th, in presence of the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, Prime Minister Cherif Ismaïl and the Egyptian Central Bank Governor.

Under the topic of “Promoting Inclusion and Exploring Diversity”, the 700 delegates consisting of Central Bank Governors and Vice-Governors, regulators and other representatives from 59 countries as well as a large panel of Egyptian and international financial market stakeholders discussed about the importance of coordination to create enabling regulatory frameworks to facilitate the development of inclusive financial services in the developing world to address the challenges of poverty and exclusion.

A large number of panels and workshops particularly addressed the impact of technology on the provision of financial services. The participation of the highest level of political leaders confirms the increasing awareness of state leaders of the need to create responsible and inclusive financial markets to solve the social challenges of Egypt – and beyond.

At a historic moment where the Egyptian government launched a series of initiatives to support micro, small and medium sized enterprises and a legal framework to assure that these services are delivered in a responsible and sustainable way, the participation of CAE together with the GCA Foundation comes at the right time to prepare the cooperation between the two Credit Agricole group entities, joining forces in order to provide a highly value adding cooperation for Egypt.