Bagoré Bathily, founder of the Laiterie du Berger, on the 8 pm television news bulletin

In Senegal, there are vast areas to ensure that plenty of cow herds can run, a population of 200,000 Senegalese herders and a strong penchant for milk. However, in Dakar, the capital of the country, milk is almost only consumed in powder, produced abroad. 90% of the milk in Senegal is imported in powder form.

And yet, cows are there. Three million cattle live in Senegal. It is as much as in France per number of inhabitants. They are mainly located in the northern of the country. The problem is that the implementation of a dairy network is extremely expensive, especially as the the Senegalese taxation is not favourable at all.

Bagoré Bathily, founder of Laiterie du Berger, partner of the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation, explains how difficult it is to implement such network on the television news bulletin of France 2.

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