14th Annuel global microfinance Forum

At the UNIGLOBAL 14th Annual Microcredit Forum in Munich on March 15 and 16 Jurgen Hammer, Chief risk and social performance officer, shared a panel on: “ Microfinance as Impact Investment – creating value and protecting the client.” The panel included representatives from Incofin, BIO and KfW.

Jurgen Hammer presented a quick overview on the path of Social Performance Management in Inclusive Finance, the development and implantation of the Universal Standards and the SPI4 evaluation tool. He encouraged the sector to adhere to best practices on responsible inclusive finance, measure performance towards these standards and actively manage improvements. His presentation closed with an example of practical implementation by the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation who, for the second consecutive year, registered in 2017 an annual social performance evaluation of its portfolio partners and benchmarked to the relevant peer groups for an in-depth qualitative analysis.