The new plant of VERT Ltd in Kenya: a lever of development for 1.800 smallholder farmers26/09/2018

It is undeniable that August 29, 2018 will be a memorable day for the employees and farmers who work at VERT Ltd in Kenya. This date marked the inauguration of the company’s new plant in Machakos, which will allow VERT Ltd to upgrade to a higher speed offering.

The Crédit Agricole Group supports the development of the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation17/09/2018

The Crédit Agricole Group supports the development strategy of the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation with a new loan of €14 million granted by Crédit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank (CACIB). This loan will enable the Foundation to continue its commitment to populations without access to banking services.

The Foundation is a partner of the Microfinance Barometer 2018 11/09/2018

The Grameen Crédit Foundation is bolstering its action for the development of the sector by becoming a financial partner of the Microfinance Barometer. The flagship publication of the association Convergences, the Barometer presents the key figures of the sector and outlines its main trends in France and abroad. The Foundation participated in the launch of the 2018 edition during the Convergences World Forum.