Cooperation Schemes with the Group

The cooperation schemes developed in partnership with the Crédit Agricole Group in Egypt, India, Morocco and Serbia facilitate the financing of the Foundation's partner institutions by Group entities in these countries.


Within the framework of the International Retail Banking (BPI) of the Crédit Agricole Group, the Foundation has joined forces with Crédit Agricole Egypt to guarantee loans to local institutions: it is an innovative approach in the group that will enable the Egyptian subsidiary to positionitself as a financier of the social and solidarity economy. A similar model is being developed with the BPI in Serbia.


In June 2017 the  Foundation signed a cooperation agreement with Crédit du Maroc, a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole SA, based on the same model as in Egypt and Serbia. There once again, it is a matter of promoting the  financing  of  Moroccan microfinance institutions, with the Foundation providing the guarantee for loans granted by Crédit du Maroc or by committing its own resources, depending on the case.