Missions carried out

"Insurance" mission in favour of CIF-Vie (Burkina Faso)

"Breeding / business model" mission in favour of Laiterie du Berger (Senegal)

Objective: To participate with the Foundation in its analysis and investment decision process for an equity investment with CIF Vie. Contribute to the draft of the investment decision project of the Foundation, in particular the analysis of the balance of the Credit Insurance offer presented in the CIF project. This CAA analysis must be included in the investment decision project.

Solidarity Banker: Eduardo Cardoso de Miranda from CA Assurances

Outcomes of the mission: At the end of the mission led by the Solidarity Banker, the Foundation decided not to take part in the capital increase of the company.

Objective: Participate in the development of the operational framework allowing the transition from experimentation to the implementation of 15 pilot mini-farms; examination of what already existed; define the conditions for success of the "mini-farm" business model; estimate what are the requirements for the deployment Phase 1 (15 mini-farms).

Solidarity Banker: Jonathan Michaud ofCrédit Agricole Franche Comté

Outcomes of the mission: The dairy farm development plan is formalsed. With the support of CA Franche Comté, the Solidarity Banker left for two-year period to support KOSSAM, a project of la Laiterie which aims at structuring the milk sector in Senegal.

"Human Ressources" Mission in favour of Chamroeun (Cambodia)

"Digital" mission in favour of KOSSAM (Senegal)

Objective: Contribute to the organisational restructuring of Chamroeun and improve its Human ressources management; evaluate existing HR tools and procedures; propose a two-year HR strategy; contribute to the development of new HR tools and procedures; propose solutions to promote leadership within the organisation.

Solidarity Banker: François Galland of BPI Crédit Agricole

Outcomes of the mission: The two-year HR strategy proposed by the Solidarity Banker has been formalised and validated by the beneficiary organisation.

Objective: Support KOSSAM, a project launched by the Laiterie du Berger and the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation, in the development of a digital application (commcare collecte) to optimize its operations. The company aims to develop a sustainable and inclusive milk sector in Northern Senegal.

Solidarity Banker: Haoly Basse of Crédit Agricole CIB

Outcomes of the mission: An operational "Breeder" database, a manual of procedures, additional computer modules, and a training and use manual were produced by the Solidairity Banker.

"AML-FT" mission in favour of Al Karama (Morocco)

"Strategy / Insurance" mission in favour of ACRE (Kenya)

Objective: Al Karama has satisfactory  AML-FT procedures, but Crédit du Maroc and the Foundation, who finance Al Karama, want the MFI to improve its scheme as part of their partnership. The Solidarity Banker's mission was to evaluate Al Karama, adapt training modules and finalise the AML-FT action plan.

Solidarity Banker: Sarah Belbachir de Crédit Agricole SA

Outcomes of the mission: The training AML-FT modules for front-line officers and the plan of action for setting up a solid AML-FT device were produced by the Solidarity Banker.

Objective: ACRE, a social enterprise of which the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation is stakeholder, has recently changed its business model and undertaken a cost-cutting plan. The Solidarity Banker's mission was to analyze ACRE’s current situation and produce reccommendaitons on the company's strategy. 

Solidarity Banker: Bruno Lepoivre de PACIFICA (Crédit Agricole Assurances)

Outcomes of the mission: A diagnosis and a list of recommendations on the business model and new strategy of ACRE were elaborated by the Solidarity Banker. 

"Business model and fundraising" mission in favour of Palmis Enèji (Haiti)

"Financial Management" mission in favour of PPSE (Cambodia)

Objective: After doubling its turnover, regularising its doubtful accounts and restricting credit sales, Palmis wishes to structure a business plan over a five-year period. The Solidarity Banker's mission was to draw up a business plan and make recommendations for the company's fundraising.

Solidarity Banker: Caman Kamougue from Crédit Agricole CIB

Outcomes of the mission:

Objective: The creation and start-up phase of PPSE from 2013 to 2018 was very successful. The company has now entered a phase of growth. The Solidarity Banker' mission was to help PPSE strengthen and train the top manager to allow the institution to adapt to its new growth phase.

Solidarity Banker: Dominique Rombczyk from Crédit Agricole Val de France

Outcomes of the mission:  

"Business Model" mission in favour of Humo (Tajikistan)


Objective: After overcoming the last crisis, Humo launched new products and services, including cash and settlement operations for legal entities. The Solidarity Banker's mission was to help the institution optimise the business model and organisational structure to manage growth.

Solidarity Banker: Julien Leroy from Credit Agricole CIB

Outcomes of the mission: