Our business areas

The Foundation selects, finances, supports and strengthens local or regional microfinance institutions, real long-term partners, who conduct their activities within the framework of an ethical approach to inclusive finance:


The Foundation works mainly with institutions that give priority to the economic and social integration of the poorest, especially in rural areas, and the promotion of women through economy. Prior to any funding decision, it conducts a triple evaluation (financial, social and of governance) to ensure that the institution applies sound governance and management practices while respecting the principles of customer information and protection. The Foundation regularly monitors the use of these performance indicators.

Furthermore, the Foundation selects, supports and strengthens local businesses that develop according to the Social Business theory. Within this framework, it operates in equity or quasi-equity by strengthening the balance sheet of companies that work in the areas of essential goods (nutrition, sustainable energy, technologies with a strong impact on local development and the fight against financial exclusion). Priority intervention areas are sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia, South and Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.

The Foundation also participates in research and experimentation studies on agricultural microinsurance to protect small farmers' incomes against climate hazards. Under difficult circumstances of bad harvests, the objective of agricultural microinsurance is to allow farmers to protect their production means and have sufficient investment capacity for the next planting seasons.

Finally, the Foundation conducts an advocacy mission that contributes to the development of an inclusive and responsible finance sector committed to the fight against poverty and the access of populations to essential goods. It plays a promotional and communication role on the topics of microfinance and the development of companies with a strong social impact, in order to promote greater transparency in the sector, better information for customers and a standardised measure of social performance. It thus participates in various initiatives pursuing the same objectives.