Performance at the Foundation

Eligibility criteria

CERISE evaluates the quality of the Foundation’s microfinance portfolio according the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management – the microfinance international benchmark. Every year, the institutions financed by the Foundation distinguish themselves from the benchmark of the sector. Today the Foundation boasts one of the most socially performant portfolios on the market, the outcome of a consistent method in selecting, managing and supporting its partners along a rigorous process for the commitment and monitoring of the loans granted. Before granting a loan, the Foundation selects the candidate organisations according to standardised criteria and objectives stated in its investment policy, which is updated on a regular basis. In an initial stage, the Foundation’s team identify partners who meet two sets of criteria: social performance and the search for financial balance. The Investment Committee then meets and decides on the financing and support of organisations that comply with these criteria.


Ethics charter and Code of conduct


The Foundation has thus opted for an internal system of reference texts that, in conjunction with legal and regulatory requirements, are based on three prescriptive elements, namely: the Foundation’s Ethics Charter and the Code of conduct. Through the Ethics Charter, the Foundation expresses its commitment to conduct itself in accordance with its values and principles of action with regard to all of its stakeholders. The Code of Conduct is the it is the operational implementation of the Charter. In 2019, the Foundation formalized, through the publication of a Group Ethics Charter, its commitments to responsible behavior. Among the principles of actions established, was the possibility for employees to exercise their right of alert, for example when the report of a malfunction through the hierarchy is ineffective or unsuited to the situation. Therefore, the right of alert can be exercised via the BKMS® SYSTEMS platform, accessible from the link below.