Promoting inclusive finance and social entrepreneurship

Key figures

November 2018

€ 78.0
Total commitments
€ 70.1
Outstanding loans
€ 57.1
Approved projects
35 countries
77 number of partners


Spotlight on the Foundation's WeekSpotlight on the Foundation's Week13/12/2018

€200 million granted, a presence in 38 countries, 100 partners supported and more than 350 participants during the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation Week. Thank you for celebrating with us 10 years of action for inclusive finance and social entrepreneurship.

The Foundation's 10th Anniversary BookThe Foundation's 10th Anniversary Book06/12/2018

The 10 years of the Foundation sign a beautiful collective project, but the fight against poverty continues. This is why we wish to share with you this 10th Anniversary Book. It draws lessons from its experience as a microfinance funder and delivers recommendations and insight on the banking sector to take action in favour of inclusive finance. 


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